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PT-01 PT-109 AS IN 1943 80' ELCO 1:20th 48" 12"

PT -109 is an example of an early war, PT -103 class ELCO 80 foot patrol boat. As US Forces got a toehold in the Solomon Islands in late 1942, The US Navy shipped as many PT boats as could be rounded up for immediate action against the Japanese resupply effort to Guadalcanal. PT-109 was sent to Panama first and then shipped over to Tulagi in the southern Solomons where it had several meetings with the Tokyo Express before being cut in half by a Japanese Destroyer in August of 1943.

The United States Navy's PT Boat squadrons started the war with a heavy anti ship armament that was, in many cases , ineffective. The boats that survived the early encounters with both the Japanese Navy and the US Army Air force were constantly modified to meet emerging enemy threats, which moved away from chasing after the big guys and more : towards going after smaller Japanese inter-island supply craft.

The PT-109 was typical of the armament received during late 1942, which included a single 20mm Oerlicon on a MK-4 mount, two twin 50 caliber machine guns, 4 torpedoes tubes and 2 depth charges.  These boats were constantly upgraded by their crews with anything they could beg, borrow or steal, necessity was the mother of creativity with these men.

Two Ways to order your model

PT 109 Upgrade Kit

This is an upgrade package for the Dumas PT -109 kit, containing everything necessary to enable you to improve the basic Dumas Model Products PT -109 kit into a true masterpiece on the mantle or at the local model boat pond. Included are all of the required guns, lockers, vents, life raft with paddles and stores, anchor, mooring cleats, ropes, hatch lids, rudders, life rings, turret rings, towing eye, deadlight frames, deck reinforcing plate for the 20mm gun, throttle tunnel, and cast metal mast structure. Also included is a full size plan sheet , 24 page instruction booklet with reference photos, and a wooden boat stand to hold your model while you build it and to use at the local lake.

Price: $275.00


This package includes the Dumas Model Products 1 :2Oth scale PT -109 kit and the PT -109 upgrade kit as described above in one convenient, specially priced package for the modeler who wants to get it all at one time.

Price: $560.00

Included with this kit:

Item #

Item Description

20M Gas fill cap 3
26 Life raft with paddle & stores 1
27 Life Ring 2
36 Pedestal, twin 50 Caliber 2
50 Rudder Block 3
74L Wire, plasticote, large diameter 50 cal. dep. rail 5
74S Wire, plasticote, small dia., 50 cal. dep. rail 2
75D Plan sheet, 1/20th scale (PT-109) 1
76D Instruction Booklet, PT 109 1
77G PT Service Patch 1
79A Accelerator, CA 1
79 CA Glue, .1/2 ounce 1
80 Twin .50 Caliber 2
86 20mm with Mk 4 pedestal, armor and mag 1
88 Depth Charge and Rack 2
102 Conduit (throttle linkage housing) 1
103 Ready Service locker, 20mm 2
106 Boat Stand, precut wood kit 1
107P Deadlight frames, Elco, 15 piece set 1
109A Deck reinforcing plate, early war 1
110 Deck vent, early war Elco 3
113D Hatch lid, large (rounded corners) 3
113C Hatch lid, large day cabin (square corners) 1
116 Mast, 1943 (before radar) 1
118 Mooring Bit, early 80 foot Elco 3
122 Rope, scale (3' line) 2
126 Turret Ring insert with seat 2
128 Vent, charthouse sides 3
130 Rudder, R/C scale 3
131 Elco boat hook with hangers 1

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